Laura is on a journey to live life by listening to the small voice within. Drawn to poetic and musical expression from her early years, Laura is now consciously embracing the intention of her soul to create. Her personal intention is to share her gifts for words and music, to bring love, light and peace to the hearts of others.


I’m trapped in a box with invisible walls And I can’t seem to find my way out Nobody outside can hear me And I don’t have the courage to shout My feelings are trapped in here with me Although I would like them to go I’ve begged them to give up and leave me Evidently… Continue reading Misunderstood


I took an examination In fact, I took eighteen I feel like my brain has just been spat out of A three-rinse washing machine. I can’t make simple decisions I’ve lost the power to think I can’t take off my shoes or coat Or decide what I want to drink. I came home from school… Continue reading Examination


I’m taking myself back, piece by piece, Strand by silver strand, Opening up the plastered-over cracks And inspecting the damage, The sides worn smooth Through laying open and unhealed. Echoes of past wounds, and old stories Still sounding like tremors, The remnants of a long-gone earthquake, Not gone at all, Rattling on in stealthy whispers,… Continue reading Homecoming


I miss feeling sure and boldly naive, Before dreams were shattered, before cause to grieve. Before I was heavy with fear and self doubt, Before my self-courage and worth had run out. When challenge felt giddy and easy to bear, A cause for excitement instead of despair. When risk felt less risky and consequence distant,… Continue reading Courage

Miserable Moods

When I got up this morning My mood was in my toes I decided to ignore it As I washed and donned my clothes   It didn’t get much higher As I went to fetch the post And it seemed to settle lower As I sat and ate my toast   I tried hard to… Continue reading Miserable Moods

Hair Hassle

Too dull, too lank, too frizzy, Too thin, wrong colour tone. Some hair just sits there lifeless While some has a life of its own. I don’t want hair too anything – I’m craving for the norm, But no matter what I do to it My hair just won’t reform. Everyone’s full of good advice… Continue reading Hair Hassle


Thinking’s a dangerous pastime As I of all people should know And despite my efforts to blank it My mind’s always on the go I agonise over the future I analyse the past The scope for these trivialities Is unbelievably vast! The present becomes melodramatised As perspective slips away No matter how hard you cling… Continue reading Thinking


Ever feel like your body doesn’t match your brain? As if your skin should peel away so you can start again? Ever feel like you’re listening to a constant caterwaul, But when you try to hear it, there is no sound at all?   Ever feel like you’re painted bright pink and clashing green And… Continue reading Frustration

Brain Food

What happens to make us remember? Is our mind like a visitor’s book, Where experiences leave us a message To remind us that they’ve had a look? Are thoughts like bonbons for brain cells And our head like a jar full of sweets, With old sticky toffees that nobody wants And lollies that everyone eats?… Continue reading Brain Food

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