Thinking’s a dangerous pastime 
As I of all people should know 
And despite my efforts to blank it 
My mind’s always on the go

I agonise over the future 
I analyse the past 
The scope for these trivialities 
Is unbelievably vast!

The present becomes melodramatised 
As perspective slips away 
No matter how hard you cling to it 
It’s never persuaded to stay

Your subconscious takes you over 
Controlling what enters your brain 
And efforts to resist this 
Are constantly in vain

It’s amazing how far thoughts can wander 
Without even leaving your head 
And how brains can carry on thinking 
Even when you’ve lost the thread

From this there is just one conclusion: 
When it comes to the cranial throne 
We must bow to superior power 
For our minds have a mind of their own!

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