Hair Hassle

Too dull, too lank, too frizzy,
Too thin, wrong colour tone.
Some hair just sits there lifeless
While some has a life of its own.

I don’t want hair too anything -
I’m craving for the norm,
But no matter what I do to it
My hair just won’t reform.

Everyone’s full of good advice
On how to get that sheen.
'Hot oil – leave for 1 minute.
Rinse before hair turns green.'

'Dry upside down for volume'
(Makes blood rush to your head)
Your hair may look fantastic
But your face will turn bright red.

‘A deep conditioning treatment
To give hair body and shine.’
I don’t care what the bottle says -
It doesn’t work for mine!

I’ve tried so many remedies
But my hair has never behaved.
I think I’ll just give up on it
And go and get it shaved!

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