Miserable Moods

When I got up this morning 
 My mood was in my toes 
 I decided to ignore it 
 As I washed and donned my clothes 
 It didn't get much higher 
 As I went to fetch the post 
 And it seemed to settle lower 
 As I sat and ate my toast 
 I tried hard to persuade it 
 To venture to my knees 
 But moods are rather stubborn 
 And do just as they please 
 I couldn't leave it there all day 
 It made me feel quite blue 
 So I wracked my brains to see if there was 
 Something I could do 
 I rummaged in the kitchen drawer 
 And pulled out an old letter 
 I scooped my mood up in its folds 
 And began to feel much better 
 I smoothed the well-worn folds along 
 And put it safe away 
 In my top-most pocket 
 And there is stayed all day 

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