I took an examination
In fact, I took eighteen
I feel like my brain has just been spat out of
A three-rinse washing machine.

I can't make simple decisions
I've lost the power to think
I can't take off my shoes or coat
Or decide what I want to drink.

I came home from school every evening
Having tried my very best
And had to go straight to my bedroom
In order to learn the rest.

I memorized twenty equations
By means of chanting and rhyme
But forgot how to do the simple things
That people do all the time.

All the facts that I crammed in my brain bank
In the hope I could find them again
My exam papers drained from my memory
By sucking them out through the pen.

I'm very glad they're over
My heart is filled with ease
But one question I'd like to ask them -
Can I have my brain back please?

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